Manual Handling


Minimum of a half day

Maximum number of candidates = 10


This course will give you with the knowledge to help recognise, assess and reduce manual handling risks in your organisation. It is suited to employers and employee representatives who intend to begin the process of manual handling risk assessment and control within their companies.


At the end of the course the candidate will:

  • Understand the relevant health and safety regulations, guidance and standards.
  • Knowledge of safer moving and handling techniques including the use of hoists and handling aids.
  • Understand the dangers involved with Manual Handling
  • Understand the principles of risk assessment and control.
  • Learn good Manual handling techniques.



What the candidate should know:

  • Relevant legislation including HSWA 1974, PPE 1992, MHOR 1992
  • Anatomy – components and functions of the spine.
  • Understand hazard analysis and risk assessment.
  • Risk assessment control tools and how these can be implemented in the workplace.

Course structure

  1. Introduction
    Facilities, introduction, objectives.
  2. Legislation, standards and guidance
  3. Hierarchy of Manual Handling measures
    Avoiding the hazard, assessing the risk, reduce the risk.
  4. Anatomy
    Spinal cord, vertebrae, Inter-vertebrae disks, ligaments, tendons, muscles, MSD’S.
  5. Manual Handling Issues
    Task, load, working environment, individual capacities, handling aids and equipment, work organisation factors.
  6. Manual handling Techniques
    Posture, reaching, working height, travel distance, pushing pulling, sudden movement.
  7. MHE – Mechanical Handling Equipment.
    Selection of handling aids, training, maintenance.
  8. Risk assessment
    Review work processes and risk assessments
  9. Course assessment
    Individual written tests with explanation of pass requirements.
    Individual practical assessments with explanation of requirements.
    A certificate of training will be issued for candidates.





I’d like to just mention that Dave has been exceptionally helpful this week. We have one lad who was not too sure on the theory side of things and Dave went out of his way to help him and get him to the required standard. I am impressed by how much Dave cared and took the time to get the message across, whilst still maintaining a professional standard and safe level of training.

Andy Head

Dealer Support & Warehouse Manager, Mitsubishi Motors