Industrial Racking Inspections


Minimum of a half day

Maximum number of candidates = 10


The purpose of this course is to instruct users in the correct method of conducting internal weekly rack inspections in accordance with PUWER, Health & Safety and SEMA guidelines.


At the end of the course the candidate will:

  • Understand the relevant health and safety regulations, guidance and standards.
  • Recognise the need for industrial racking and shelving safety.
  • Identify the main components of a racking structure and determine appropriate remedial action.
  • Be able to conduct and document inspections.
  • Select suitable aids to assist with inspections.



What the candidate should know:

  • Relevant legislation including HSWA, PUWER, PPE, SEMA, HSG76
  • Understand hazard analysis and risk assessments.
  • Stability factors.
  • Racking system design, components and safe working loads.


Course structure

  1. Introduction
    Facilities, objectives, health and fitness statement.
  2. Legislation, standards and guidance
  3. Industrial racking types and identification.
    Cantilever, drive in, two way racking systems. Identifying, Stow, Dexion, Redirack Hilo etc.
    Manufactures information, structure, components, stability factors, safe working loads (SWL), uniform distributed loads (UDL)
  4. Storage
    Installation, loading considerations, pallets – type and size, mechanical handling equipment (MHE), SWL notices, lighting, training.
  5. Damage
    Damage reports, types of damage and classifications, causes, problem areas, remedial action, inspection aids, racking accessories.
  6. Inspections, and maintaining records
    Inspections, examinations, traceability, Inspection frequency, Inspection Records.
  7. Maintenance


  8. Risk assessment


  9. Course assessment
    Individual written tests with explanation of pass requirements.
    Individual practical inspection assessments with explanation of pass requirements.
    Failure means applicant will have to re-sit the course on another day.
    A certificate of training will be issued for candidates.